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Wikileaks India Article

Deliberate wikiLeaks

US ploy to sow dissension in India through WikiLeaks?
By Nitin Saxena
Though the entire nation has been woken from its slumber by the ‘shocks' given by WikiLeaks which may have been installed and sponsored by United States itself to play the role of ‘agent provocateur' when Uncle Sam directed it to do so and foment a political row in the country.
The Indian media has spiced up its content both in print and electronic media forgetting its duty to verify the accuracy of the US cables, supposedly intercepted and snooped by the Wikileaks whistle blowing website.
There is no reason to disbelieve that every content of the leaks is fabricated but the timing of the leaks is surely a mischief to create an inner turmoil in India when it is trying to iron out differences with Pakistan and is being partially acknowledged as a future super power.
WikiLeaks describes itself as an uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking and hosted by 3946166 en.wikipedia wiki/PRQ title=PRQ>PRQ, a Sweden-based company providing highly secure, no-questions-asked hosting services. Now what does that mean can best be explained by its founder, Julian Assange.
The US has a past track of meddling in the internal affairs of India indirectly.
Long ago, a group of US spies had been ‘smuggled' into India as ‘Peace Corps' who fanned in various parts of the country, particularly in Madhya Pradesh. The Peace Corps was formed at the behest of the then US President, John F. Kennedy.
Officials of the US Office of the Strategic Studies (OSS) had also ‘infiltrated' into India in cultural and educational exchange programmes and were reported to have briefed to gain as much information on the economic policies of India.
Indian intelligence inputs suggested that David Headley could have been a double agent who was sent to India for a recee and see the state of preparedness inside the big cities. Headley, according to a report in Threat Matrix in 2009, was an undercover survelliance agent in Pakistan. So when Indian home minister P. Chidambaram pressed US on extraditing the ‘accused', the US felt uneasy and feared that skeletons will come out of the cupboard, WikiLeaks was asked to wrap fact with fiction to bring in the Minister in bad light.
The disclosures by WikiLeaks have been done to divide the two communities of Hindu and Muslim and create a situation of unrest, it seems.
The Congress, in its ongoing 83rd plenary session here, put its stamp on Rahul Gandhi's remark to US ambassador last year that radical Hindu groups could possibly pose a bigger threat than the Islamic militants, by calling for a probe into links between RSS and terrorists but deliberately ignored to lash out at WikiLeaks website.
The US had also observed, according to a diplomatic cable sent by its embassy here four years ago that India did not care for attacks in the north east region but was more concerned at the movement of jihadis in and around the national capital.
Not naming any country, the BJP lashed out at Congress and called it a party that was under siege.

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