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Amarnath Yatra, India

The extremely sacred Amarnath Yatra is a Hindu devotee's trip to the Amarnath Cave, given the name after the Mount Amarnath at the height of 5, 486 m. Owing to the high elevation; the cave is enclosed with snow for nearly all part of the year. It is only for a short period in summer that devotees are able to embark on a journey up to the cave. Though the cave of Amarnath is placed at a very great height where temperature is quite low and the journey is grueling and difficult nothing seems to dishearten the pilgrims from roving there. Beyond doubt, holiness is the means of support of the nation in India.
Currently, Amarnathji Yatra is an indispensable part of the Hindu pilgrimage and though the way is not easy to negotiate, it is at the same time exciting. Each year, numerous devotees come to pay reverence before Shiva in one of his renowned Himalayan dwellings.
Lord Shiva considered to be the Creator, Preserver and the Destructor
Lord Shiva is the maker, protector as well as the destroyer of this world. The Lord's characteristics stand for his victory over the demonic actions, and stillness of human nature. Amarnathji yatra symbolizes this spirit of quest and helps people to acquire the eventual level of spirituality.
Fables have it that Shiva narrated to Parvati the top secret of immortality & formation in the Amarnath cave. Unknowingly, a pair of buddy pigeons overheard this conversation and having known the secret, takes birth again and again, and has made the cave their everlasting home. Many people ho happen to visit this place report seeing the pair of pigeons when they walk through the difficult route to pay respect before the ice-lingam.
Amarnath Yatra Season
The time to go to Amarnathji is in the month of Shravan that is July and august .There is a spiritual flock to this amazing shrine, where the figure of Shiva, in the shape of a lingam, is shaped naturally of an ice - stalagmite, and which increases and decreases with the moon. By its side are, interestingly, two more ice - lingams, that of Parvati and of their son, Ganesha.
Amarnath Yatra by Helicopter
For the convenience of the tourists, there are chopper facilities as well. The helicopters for Amarnathji yatra are in commission everyday, except for bad weather conditions. Helicopters to Amarnath function between Srinagar and Amarnath and Baltal and Amarnath.
The Travel Information of Amarnath Yatra
Air : Srinagar, the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir has the nearest airport.
Rail : Jammu is the most closely rail terminal from Amarnath.
Road: Jammu and Srinagar have good connectivity by road.
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