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India Weather Article

Famous Ecolodges Of India

Just think about relaxing delightfully in an unspoiled atmosphere away from the chaos of the urban life. No noise or air pollution but the natural ventilation and peace all around. If you are planning any such vacation than all this is possible on your stay at the eco lodges in India.
Eco Lodges in India are committed to ecotourism. They sought to preserve the beautiful and fragile eco system without sacrificing the enjoyment of the tourists. They are mostly located in the remote areas, but are luxurious and comfortable too. 804115 ecoindia lodges/ title=Eco Lodges in India> Eco lodges in India let you experience something special.
There is a global demand for the eco lodges. In India one would find loads of eco lodges that provide a place where the environment conscious travelers could enjoy a comfortable vacation free from the conspicuous consumption and close to the nature. These lodges are an earnest endeavor to promote eco tourism. Eco Lodges in India provide the peaceful and salubrious accommodation.
Completely dedicated to the preservation of the ecology and better living, these lodges are mainly constructed out of the natural wood and eco friendly material. Living at the eco lodges in India, gives you the experience of the authentic rural practices, that you wont find anywhere as in the world.
Ranging from the simple ones, affordable to low budget to the one that elite class prefers, there are wide variety of eco lodges in India. Weather you are looking for the romantic honeymoon retreat, a relaxing getaway holiday, a family get together or a wilderness experience, the eco lodges in India are appropriate for all.
India is a country with lots of ecological sites and ecological environment. And you need to choose, weather you would prefer staying at the lodge inside the national park, at the eco lodges at the farm houses, near the backwaters or outside the native villages. The greatest benefit of staying at the eco lodges in India is that you get the chance to learn about the country or spend some time with the native population.
804115 ecoindia lodges/ title=Eco Lodges>List of eco lodges in India :
? Krishna Jungle Resort - Kanha National Park
? Hilliya Resort - Wayanad, Kerala
? Ken River Lodge - Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh
? The Hermitage Guest-house - Corbett National Park, Nainital
? Jungle Lore Birding Lodge - Corbett National Park, Nainital
? Gramam Homestay Cochin - Cochin, Kerala
? Pamba Heritage Villa - Alleppey Kerala
? Kerala Village Homestay - Cochin, Kerala
Travelling is My Forte and penning them down is my hobby.

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