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Zee Group Leads India TV Industry, Offers More Regional Services

Ever since its inception in 1992, Zee Network has been a leader in the India TV industry. It is a pioneer in the entertainment and media world and believes in serving its customers better than its competitors in every aspect, be it through satellite or cable or Internet. To cater to its regional television audiences, it offers numerous regional channels, which are well-renowned in the field of entertainment in the India TV industry. Besides entertainment, it has embarked into the field of news and runs numerous news channels, such as Zee News, Zee Business, Zee News Uttarpradesh, Zee 24 Taas, among others. In the field of news, too, Zee Group leads the India TV industry in offering regional news services to cater to the growing needs of its local customers.
Variety of Programs on Zee Group's Regional India TV Channels
Zee Group has a wide range of programs in its kitty to offer its India TV viewers. Being the patron of a plethora of India TV channels, Zee Group offers its services in regional languages, besides Hindi. The diversity of its regional programs ranges from daily soaps to television shows, from news to movies, from movie-based programs to reality shows, from music to sports, which is a clear evidence of the fact that Zee Group is a pioneer in the field of India TV industry, be it entertainment or media.
Zee Group: Leader in Regional News Channels, Unveils India TV's First 24-Hour Marathi News Channel
Zee Group understands that, these days, India TV audiences want to raise their awareness about their respective regions. India TV viewers now feel that any incident in the region impacts them in one way or the other; therefore, they want to be abreast of each moment's happenings. To honor the wishes of its regional audiences and to attract more
India TV viewers, Zee Group has launched numerous regional news channels, such as Zee 24 Taas, Zee News Uttarpradesh/Utranchal, Zee 24 Ghantalu, 24 Ghanta, Zee News chatshisghad , and 24 Ghante Chhattisgarh.
To honor its commitment to serve the regional India TV audiences better, particularly Marathi, Zee Group launched Zee 24 Taas, the first 24-hour Marathi news channel in the history of India TV, in 2007. Being the first 24-hour Marathi news channel, Zee 24 Taas delivers round-the-clock news and keeps the Marathi audiences abreast of the happenings in the state and region. Now, Marathi viewers in India and abroad know what is happening in their region and can reconnect with it through Zee 24 Taas online.
Zee 24 Taas honors the Marathi spirit and covers news from all Marathi genres. Its Aajcha Maharashtra program focuses on news events from almost all small towns of Maharashtra so that the India TV viewers, especially those abroad, know what is happening in their respective town as well as region. Maharashtrians, whether residing in India or abroad, cannot isolate themselves from the happenings in Mumbai, Pune, and Nasik, and the Metro News program daily offers them updated information on these important cities in Maharashtra.
Zee 24 Taas encourages the participation of India TV audiences in its programs, be it about politics or sports or glamour world. Within a short span, Zee 24 Taas has undertaken some unique initiatives, in the form of Aapla Shahar Aapla Awaaz, Ananya Sanman, to recognize the services of achievers in the state from different walks of life. Zee 24 Taas has kept its promise to deliver serious, no-nonsense, and untainted news to its
India TV audiences, who expect to watch the real news story, not a tainted drama. It is news and viewers first for Zee 24 Taas.

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