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India Holidays 2011 Article

Cricket World Cup Adds Charm to India Holidays

India, the most enigmatic and mysterious of all countries, is also the epitome of chaotic charm. A beautiful country, India is revered around the world for its astounding diversity, uniqueness and ancient heritage.
3970236 awayholidays india Holidays to India are considered by many as essential every once in a while for this is the land where people discover spirituality and tranquillity. Indeed, if there ever was a crown for the most diverse place in the world, India would definitely be wearing it. From inspiring snow-capped mountains to vast desolate deserts, from deep blue oceans to the most dense of forests, India flaunts it all. India's diversity is not just limited to geological features; it swells way beyond and engulfs the nation's culture, food, religion, lifestyle and what not. But one thing that is not wavering in this country is the warmth and the affection of people towards life.
One more thing that binds the people of this country is the game of Cricket. One would have to travel a long way before they are able to find an Indian who is actually indifferent to this beautiful game. Street full of kids playing cricket is as common a sight as snow in the UK winters.
Chaos is the charm of India and cricket brings it to the fore like no other thing. With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 being hosted in India in February-April, there could not be a better time to plan India holidays. Travellers must get ready to be astounded and flabbergasted when they set a foot in this country as big carnival like atmosphere will pervade the nation.
World cup matches will take place in some of the most popular metropolis of India like Delhi and Mumbai. Travellers on India holidays will have best of both worlds when they visit these lovely places with the finest cricket action and mesmerising tourist hotspots.
Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is not only frequented by business travellers but Mumbai holidays are equally popular among leisure travellers. Tourist hotspots like the Gateway of India, heritage architecture, ancient caves and lovely beaches entice many to plan holidays to Mumbai. The Bollywood city is going to host the final match of the World Cup 2011 and that is a reason enough in itself for you to pack up and experience the beautiful Mumbai holidays in February to April.
Delhi is another major tourist destination that is hosting world cup matches. And if it comes purely to leisure travel, Delhi holidays beat holidays to Mumbai hands down. The city is a maze of spectacular tourist hotspots and so diverse that within a distance of a single kilometre one will find attractions to engage each and every member of the family. Holidays to India are surely incomplete without a visit to this charming city of Delhi.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is co-hosted by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Both these countries are Asian tourist magnets and one can travel on to these two beautiful nations as the on-field action shifts there.
For more details about the Cricket World Cup, Cricket World Cup 2011 Visit our site 3970236 awayholidays holiday-guide/cricket-world-cup-2011/ awayholidays holiday-guide/cricket-world-cup-2011/

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