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History Of India Article

How to Stop corruption in India - Save India

Corruption is everywhere, if you talk about politics, business, sports, police, BMC, schools, colleges or any educational institutes and even at hospitals and media. Corruption is missuse of opportunity, power and money and we cannot blame only leaders or officials. We people are equally responsible for corruption. Corruption is like cancer, you should act when it's at small level. If you ignore it may sread and situation can become worst.
Only people can stop corruption in India. It may not be possible for all to stop paying bribe and get your work done. You can use power of media, social networking and youth to handle this situation. You may not be able to stop corruption at top level but yes if you start acting at small level you may feel changes happening.
Awareness: Many times we go to gov. office, hospitals or colleges and we are not aware of procedure. To get our work done we may pay some money and use short-cut. Why cant media, gov. offices and such institutions have a manual, guide or FAQ's for common procedures? Every office or institution must have vigilance and anti-corruption cell and their contact details out side and inside offices. There must be feedback forms and anonomous complaint box available at offices.
Every table should have notice board saying. I don't take bribe, I take only salary.
Youth Power: Young college students should come forward with innovative ways to explain how corruption is destroying our nation and we are forced to pay more money for food, home and even water. Petrol is expensive because of corruption. They must do street play, make videos and share on youtube and facebook.
Youth must spend some time in spreading awareness about right to information act, how to report about corruption, way to collect information about corrupt officers.
Use of Media and Social Networking: Media should come forward to share name of corrupted officer in public. People should be allowed to share information anonymously with them and they can publish name every week.
People Power: You can print posters, banners and badges with slogans and use it to educate people around us. If we will not act now, remember that cancer is curable but not Corruption.
Only people like you and me can stop corruption and save India.
Bhavesh is Owner at 4872617 optronindiaOptron Technologies, with more than 6 Years of experience in Information Technology he is managing Mumbai based IT company.

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