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India is a booming country with a decent financial growth and this has made peoples of India enable to spend more on their travel needs. Nowadays peoples in India prefer travelling by Air rather than other travel options like trains or by road. This situation is heavily supported by low cost airlines in India. Growth of low cost airlines in India has proven to be great turning point in travel sector of India and within a couple of years; flights have captured a major share of India travel market.
The actual era of revolution in air travel sector in India started from year 1993 when private airlines were given permission to run schedule services. Jet airways was the first one in private airlines services which started scheduled services in India. Soon it was given permission to run international flights. But travelling by flights was not very popular in India at that time due to the high prices of flightspared to train or buses.
The major change came up with the launch of Air Deccan, which can be said as the first low cost airlines of India. It focused on the passengers with the prime goal of reaching their destination in less time rather than enjoying the luxurious facilities of planes. It became popular soon and people got attracted to this. After sometime, SpiceJet launched their low cost carrier services with an offer of Rs. 99 tickets for first 9000 seats. This amazed people who have always thought of an air travel as an expensive matter.
Soon some morepanies started their services in this sector (domestic) like GoAir, IndiGo airlines, Kingfisher, Sahara airlines were the major ones. Jet airways also started Jet airways Konnect topete in domestic sector of India. This fight for capturing the India domestic sector continued for a long time with some ups and downs and some deals like Jet Airways acquiring Sahara Airlines and Kingfisher acquiring Air Deccan. Anyhow this all benefited travelers in India or foreigners making trip to India. Recently Air India has also launched their low cost service Air Express in order to remain in the domestic air travel sector.
Today there are about 10 airlines in India which provides flight services in India. Some of these are jetairwaysindia.inJet Airways India, Air India, Kingfisher airlines etc. Know more about this at yatraa Yatraa and book online flight tickets.
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